The 1.3 million people Brexit has ignored

I’m one of them, are you? You know, one of the estimated 1.3million British expats/internationals/immigrants living in Europe on our status as being part of the EU. We moved here legally. Work legally. Have bought apartments and houses legally.

But, now what? Who cares that OUR rights have just been changed by other people. I see a lot of talk about the worries of EU immigrants to the UK but what about US?! We left with an open border and find ourselves threatened by a shockingly closed one.

Are we part of the “negotiations”?

Are we supposed to move to UK and forget our lives abroad?

Where is our platform for discussion? Who hears our voices? Who will calm our souls over our  foreign-born children and our now mismatched legal statuses abroad? WHO IS REPRESENTING US????

I have few answers and too many questions but one thing is for sure: I’m done being quiet about this.

1.3million. We have a voice. Let’s use it together.


photo credit: BBC news and used without permission. Just like how I didn’t give permission for my status to change.

Photo Journal: London at Christmas

Over the Christmas/holiday season, my family and I had the absolute pleasure of spending a few wonderful days in London. It was last minute and quite ‘uhhh what are we going to do?’ but turned out to be a real highlight of the end of the year.

If you are starting to think about what a holiday season would be like in London, take a look at some of these photos. I only had my iPhone (as this was unplanned) but I think I managed to capture the real holiday spirit. I love London, as you know, but I love it even more when it is glittery and decorated for the holidays. If you are looking for a destination for next Christmas, I highly recommend London. It is busy and crowded but there is something magical in the air during the holidays that even my husband, a Brit that pretends to be unimpressed with London, can admit to 😉

We didn’t make it to Hyde Park Winter Wonderland this year but we have gone in years past and enjoyed ourselves, despite the cost and crowds!


Tower Bridge and the Christmas Market along the south bank
My favourite piece of graffiti in London!
Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre (made me think of my nephew back in Canada!)
Loved all the lights leading up to the London Eye
Sunny sky and Parliament (Big Ben is actually the bell inside the clocktower but I think it is safe to say we all refer to this image as Big Ben now)
Had to snap this quickly before the changing of the guards-he was about to move and the crowd tripled in size in seconds!!
The London Coliseum featuring Giselle by the English National Ballet
A photo for my daughter
Morning walk to Covent Garden
What else can you say?
Perfect end to a few days in London!


During our trip we stayed at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge and we all absolutely loved it! We woke up with the most beautiful view of Parliament and enjoyed everything else in-between. We’ll be back!

View from our window – good morning, London

Photo credit: Jennifer Hart