2015: A Year of Change

An emotional sandwich of fear, anger, happiness and tears. It’s hard to sum up a year like this one…

Greetings those left of you reading this blog. I have thought of you and of writing every single day for the last month but have struggled to find words. To find motivation. To find the appropriate messages. I had scheduled posts that I pulled from circulation as I felt, in the wake of terrible global events, that discussing family travel, luxury and fine dining were not time-appropriate subjects. As former Parisians and the mother of two forever Paris-born children, I found it hard to focus on writing. Bloggers around the world started posting about their one weekend/trip to Paris and how they felt an ‘affinity’ to the city. Whilst I respect everyone’s need to grieve, I couldn’t jump on the immediate bandwagon I felt it had become. My affinity was stronger and it hurt. I didn’t feel relieved not to be there during the attacks, I felt guilty. People we know were hurt. People we know were at the places that were attacked. I struggled being far away when something happened so close to a part of my life. Paris drove me insane but after a decade of love, living and fun there, I can’t shake the feeling that she will always be part of what makes up the idea of ‘home’ for me and that she was hurting.

This year started with Charlie Hebdo while we were still living in Paris, crescendoed with our blissful move to Switzerland and came to a close with the attacks of November 13th. An emotional sandwich of fear, anger, happiness and tears. It’s hard to sum up a year like this one. There are some extremely strong markers of what is cruel, wrong and problematic with our world. As many of us are preparing for forthcoming celebrations or just ending our 8 days of light, the world is plagued with bombings, shootings, rape, child abuse, animal abuse and more. Terror reigns supreme and the culture of fear has many of us gripped and paranoid. This is not the world I want to continue to pass onto my children, or any other future generations.

We must fix our world. It is our burden and our responsibility. Peace on earth, goodwill to (wo)man. Could we please learn to put these words into practice more than 3 weeks per year? What if peace was a daily goal we all set for ourselves instead of something more commercial? I may sound like a beauty contestant but I truly do believe in the need for world peace. That said, I am a realist and know this will not happen if people believe the limit of their political action involves simply hitting a ‘share’ or ‘like’ button. We must all do more. More people, more involved – make this happen. Don’t send prayers. A whisper will never quiet a beast.

I didn’t want to just disappear as I wasn’t having writer’s block, I just couldn’t face writing when I was so angry. So, I would like to now officially sign off for 2015. I will be the first to admit that personally, this past year has not been all doom-and-gloom but I do think it would be amiss for me to pretend that everything is simply amazing right now. We are headed to the mountains to ski for Christmas then will be spending a few days with family and friends.

I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday period and a Happy 2016. I look forward to seeing what is on my mind a year from now but I will be back in January to continue the journey this blog was originally intended for.

Stay safe. Be kind. Help others.

Merry Christmas. Joyeux Noël.

Photo credit: Fotolia