Running Around…

As many of you know, I am an avid runner. It is what keeps me focused, calm and a source of energy for all the things I continue to put on my plate! I wrote a personal piece for Moon Joggers last year and think it might be fun to share here! Enjoy…and lace up if you feel like it afterwards!


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Thank you, Women in Travel Summit 2017

Despite the jet-lag settling in, I wanted to take 2 minutes to say thank you to the wonderful creators and ladies behind the 2017 Women in Travel Summit. The summit, organised by Wanderful, ‘is the premier event for women travel influencers and industry members.’ Held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, attendees were treated to inspiring luncheon speeches, panels, presentations and heaps of fun! I truly enjoyed my experience meeting other travel influencers, writers and industry members in this female-positive environment.

I spent the days networking, learning and discussing various writing projects, including the anthology I was in Once Upon An Expat. Along the way, I made friends and discussed future writing partnerships. Thank you to the organisers, attendees and all the presenters. See you in Québec City at WITS 2018?



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Friday Featurette: Top 5 Expat Locations

A couple Fridays a month I will be featuring another blogger or up-and-coming writer on my site. Stories range from expat life to travel/adventure. If you are interested in possibly being featured, please read the info hereand get in touch!  You may notice differences in terminology, vocabulary and spellings here but I think keeping it authentic to the author’s voice and background makes for a richer reading. 


Top 5 Expat Locations
By: Jason Mueller

Moving to a foreign location can be a frightening thought for many people thinking about making a big move that will change their life drastically but if you choose the right country this frustrating process can be very rewarding making all the hassles well worth the pain. For those looking for change, you will not find a better way to mix things up by re-locating to a strange country. There are so many great countries to ship all your goods to and call home. It is hard to narrow it down to just 5, and your perfect country is going to vary from the next persons, but here are 5 great countries for you to consider calling yourself a local expat to.



There is so much that Switzerland has to offer for expats searching tirelessly for a better life abroad. For starters the food is to die for and places like Lausanne have amazing street food festivals, wash all the great food down with a delightful glass of wine or some on the cleanest drinking water on the planet.   Switzerland is very stable, in fact it has the sixth highest GDP per capita out of all the countries in the world. Great public transportation will get you around on time, if you don’t like to drive then this is a tremendous country to take advantage of and if you do enjoy to drive the roads are in good condition and fun to explore. Immaculate hospitals, brilliant doctors and great benefits make the health care top notch, in fact the Swiss are said to have among the highest quality of life on the planet. The central location will make a great home base to go out and enjoy the rest of Europe. This incredibly safe country makes the list for so many good reason.

Costa Rica


This is also known as the land of pura vida which translates to pure life, on a typical day you will hear this saying at least 3 times a day, it can be used as hello, goodbye, thanks, have a good day, take it easy or just about anything else, but is really a way of life for the locals and expats living in the Rich Coast. The country has been toted the happiest country in the world due to high wellbeing, high life expectancy and not to mention the tranquil laid back vibe you can’t help but to enjoy when chilling on the beaches, walking in the lush rain forest vibrant with flora and fauna or enjoying the views in the pristine mountains. The locals are welcoming and you won’t have to travel far to meet up with a fellow expat. People re-locate here from all over the world opening B&B’s, hotels, restaurants, tours, vacation rental companies or anything to take advantage of the high numbers of visitors that come as tourists. Of course Costa Rica has a tropical climate keeping you nice and toasty on the beach but is also known for having some of the most moderate weather in the world up in the mountains.



People may not know it but Chile is a rapid developing country, South Americas most prosperous and stable country. The emerging economy has the highest state of peace with great economic freedom to keep your soul happy. Chile has a low percentage of corruption and crime making the country very safe and secure so you can save money by not having to worry about security in your office or business. Also the cost of delicious food and other living expenses such as rent is lower than North America giving you a better bang for your buck. Obtaining a visa, work permit or residency is pretty hassle free compared to many other countries. Come enjoy one of the bustling cities or some views of the breath taking Andes.



If you are planning a move from North America this may be your best option because of the close proximity, offering cheap and fast flights back home to visit relatives. The immigration process to get accepted in the country is fairly easy with minimal money needed to get your residency. Sure Mexico has gotten a bad rap from the war on drugs and the other reported crimes but the truth is that in most locations it is very safe and there is a lot of expats to mingle with. But you won’t have a problem making friends because locals are very happy to invite you for a meal of seemingly endless food and tequilas. The cost of living is pretty low for the frugal people out there looking to make their dollar stretch a little further. Mexican food is a desired taste bursting with flavour, if you aren’t a lover of “picante” food then don’t let that detour you as there is a huge selection of restaurants from all over the world.

New Zealand


The landscape alone is enough to make you want to move to this unique country that offers volcanic terrain on the North Island and snow-capped mountainous peaks on the South Island. Outdoor adventures will keep you active with anything from skiing to surfing, you will never get bored in this adrenaline filled country. Although the average income is a little low the high quality of life will keep you healthy and after all some people forget just how important health is in life. Approximately one fifth of the population are expats, with that being said, it’s clear that the proof is in the pudding. The state sponsored health care is some of the best around with modern health facilities. All the amenities that you are used to will keep you very comfortable, soon you may be calling yourself a Kiwi (what locals are called)

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Jason Mueller is an entrepreneur living in Costa Rica with family from Canada. Since graduating from high school and getting his pilot’s licence, he has lived to travel the world looking for adventure. You can find him onFacebook and Instagram.




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What’s so wrong with a bit of LOVE?

This morning I had to take baby girl (OK she’s 6 but she’s still my baby) to get her latest round of vaccinations. As I waited for her to come out of her class, I opened Facebook to take a peek at what was going on around the world. I clearly saw two very distinct types of posts today:

1 – families, lovers and friends declaring their love and wishing people a Happy Valentine’s Day

2 – angry smug or mocking posts around the lines of ‘I don’t need someone to make me feel good about myself’ about Valentine’s Day

This left me wondering, ‘are these are only options on the 14th of February every year?’

I get it. Valentine’s Day seems cheesy and commercial. I’ve been single, heartbroken, newly loved up, engaged, married, and everything in between over the years of this day passing. I’ve had my own ‘only idiots think it is cool to celebrate Valentine’s Day’ thoughts, too. Trust me, I’m not an easy convert to this ‘holiday’.

But something changed in me the last few years. I think LOVE, in all of its forms, deserves more notice than we give it and I no longer find it cheesy to do it once a year, I find it sad we need a reminder!! We’ve somehow forgotten that all love is important to discuss and celebrate. We’ve forgotten to take notice of love and let me tell you, it matters.

Love matters more than hate.

Let me repeat that. Love matters more than hate.

So why don’t we give it the attention it deserves? Why do we make fun of people that choose to use February 14th as an excuse to pause for a moment and say ‘oh yeah, I should spend some time with you focusing on our love’?

In our world right now we are inundated with constant reminders of hate. Hateful elections. Distrust of politicians. Fear-based public votes. Fearfulness of immigrants and refugees. All kinds of HATE and fear around the world are winning the global discourse battle.

We will never beat hate with more hate.

So love each other. You don’t need a husband or wife or partner and a white picket fence to tell someone you love them on Valentine’s Day. You need sincere and honest emotions. You can send a Valentine to a best friend you haven’t seen in awhile. Call your mum and wish her a happy day and tell her you love her. Hug your children and tell them how important love is in the world. Love shouldn’t be ridiculed in whatever form it takes. We have let cynicism and the fear of looking cheesy dictate how we act for far too long.

I’m writing this today, the day AFTER Valentine’s Day but I’m going to remind all of you early February next year to remember this. Love matters more than hate.

It always will.


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Do you live in Switzerland? I want to hear from you!


Do you currently, or have you lived at some point, as an international in Switzerland? If yes, I would LOVE to hear from you. I am running a short survey to write an anecdotal piece for my blog based on the experiences of people that have upped and moved to Switzerland. If this interests you, please leave a comment with your email OR email me here at:


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Small Update from Yours Truly

Hey everyone. You still there?

I have been meaning to write. I have a list about a kilometre long of things to write about. However, this Autumn has started off with a bit of a bing bang bong and I’ve not had the time to focus on writing. My Repatriation Project has been halted, there have been some family crises to deal with and in general, life has been distracting from writing about life. How poetic haha.

I promise this will change.  Soon.

Hang tight, don’t leave me because I promise I’m not leaving you!






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Giveaway: Once Upon An Expat

Are you an expat? Traveller? Curious about expat life? Want to read about travelling the world from the comfort of your living room? Then you would absolutely love the anthology Once Upon An Expat that I have a published section in! Written from the heart from real women living around the world, the book will make you laugh, cry and make you want to search online for your next travel adventure!
So, how can you possibly get your hands on a copy? Well, you’re in luck. Both Kindle and paperback version are available here on Amazon.

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How to enter:
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Good luck and happy travels!