International Women’s Day is for Men, too

Today is International Women’s Day. I’m sure if you have access to social media of any sort, you’ve been made aware of this by now.  Mixed amongst the endless positive ‘we will change’ claims, protests for pay equity and ending sexual assault, and the rising hashtag movement of #MeToo and #TimesUp messages, you will find the usual ‘but when is it Men’s Day’ questions.

I’m not going to go down the road of screaming ‘every day is Men’s Day’ because that isn’t the point of today. It’s not like IWD isn’t FOR men, as well. This isn’t an event happening in a vacuum. Today is about women and men and all the gender variants in-between taking a stand together. Saying collectively, we have had enough of 52% of the population being treated with less than they deserve.

This is a day when the men out there that feel uncomfortable when other men make sexist jokes can come out and say ‘I don’t like that, either’.

This is a day when our sons can learn that growing up to to be a strong man also means to be supportive of the women in their lives.

This is a day about being a collective voice against oppression of females as a whole.

This is a day about challenging systemic and institutionalised sexism.

This is a day when you can decide that ‘locker room talk’ is completely unnecessary and degrading.

This is a day when the world can realise that ovaries are not a requirement for saying ‘sexism is messed up and must end!’

This day is focused on women but it doesn’t exclude men. Other men, the ones concerned about losing their power against women, have changed the conversation to make people think that.

This isn’t a day about ridding the world of men and chopping off their whatnots so women can take over! It’s infuriating that women cannot speak about wanting equal pay and to not be raped without these sentiments clouding the topic.

This is a day for all of us to say, we want a better future.

International Women’s Day is not about Girls vs Boys. This is a day about Girls AND Boys coming together to say enough is enough and have each other’s back in saying so.

#LikeAGirl #ItsOKtobeanAlly


Photo Credit: Jennifer Hart


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