The 1.3 million people Brexit has ignored

I’m one of them, are you? You know, one of the estimated 1.3million British expats/internationals/immigrants living in Europe on our status as being part of the EU. We moved here legally. Work legally. Have bought apartments and houses legally.

But, now what? Who cares that OUR rights have just been changed by other people. I see a lot of talk about the worries of EU immigrants to the UK but what about US?! We left with an open border and find ourselves threatened by a shockingly closed one.

Are we part of the “negotiations”?

Are we supposed to move to UK and forget our lives abroad?

Where is our platform for discussion? Who hears our voices? Who will calm our souls over our  foreign-born children and our now mismatched legal statuses abroad? WHO IS REPRESENTING US????

I have few answers and too many questions but one thing is for sure: I’m done being quiet about this.

1.3million. We have a voice. Let’s use it together.


photo credit: BBC news and used without permission. Just like how I didn’t give permission for my status to change.

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