Repatriation: Anxiety, Stress and the Problems with Going “Home”

Dear Readers, Friends and Fans of Domestic Bliss Abroad,

I wanted to take a moment to talk to you about an upcoming project I will be launching in September 2016 on repatriation. I will be looking for participants (you can remain anonymous) to give first-hand experiences, anecdotes and insight to this often glossed-over part of our lives.  There will be a questionnaire to fill in and additional stories are voluntary yet very welcome!  Just as our lives are varied around the globe, I’d like to hear back from as many people in as many different places as possible.

Repatriation seems easy on the outside as moving ‘home’ should be seamless, right? But as many expats know depression, reverse culture shock, saying goodbye to new expat families, exclusion, grief and marital troubles often accompany this process. Coupled with friends and family back home frequently not understanding what you are going through, repatriation can alienate returning expats in a way they did not imagine. I want to explore that topic WITH YOU and put into words things that need to be said but often aren’t.

If you are interested, please send an email with the subject line Repatriation to including a brief overview of your expat life.

I will be in touch soon to update you as the project develops.

PLEASE pass this along to anyone you think needs their story told.

Thank you.

Jennifer HART
Domestic Bliss Abroad


5 thoughts on “Repatriation: Anxiety, Stress and the Problems with Going “Home””

  1. Yes yes yes! Repatriated to London a year ago after 11 years in Zambia & Botswana. Would be delighted to participate!


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