Winter Wonderland in Morges

The Canadian in me cringes a bit to admit that a “snow day” has now become something I get excited over .  Growing up in Thunder Bay, we had more than snow days, we had snow months!  However, I’ve been away for so long that I will admit that I have now become someone that gets giddy when fresh snow falls!

It should come as no surprise then how excited I was when I looked outside and saw that it snowed today in Morges. It was so pretty that I decided to take a little walk around town to take pictures and soak it all in. I’ve learned that many people think it snows everywhere in Switzerland all the time but those of us living by the lake benefit from a more temperate climate than what happens a few short minutes away in the Alps. Enjoy this short and sweet post dedicated to a very pretty snow day in my new hometown!

Casino Restaurant by the lake
Centre ville
Alleyway snow
Centre ville Morges
Snowy sailboats

Photos: Jennifer Hart

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