Where to Eat in Suisse Romande: A Journey of Food, Wine and Cocktails.

Before we moved here I must have listened to at least two dozen (if not more) unsolicited opinions on how awful food is in Switzerland. Knowing I am a total foodie, some people even laughed at the idea of me ever going out. “Good thing you can cook!” I was told more than once. So imagine my surprise when that turned out to be complete and utter nonsense. I think people confuse the rustic mountain food of charcuterie and cheese with refined city dining. Therefore, my dear readers and friends, allow me to take it upon myself to travel around Switzerland and debunk that myth. Over and over again.

For the most part, I will be focusing on the area that is called Suisse Romande. If you are new to learning about life in Switzerland, allow me explain what that means. Suisse Romande is the predominantly French-speaking area that stretches from Geneva, across Vaud, to the Jura mountains, includes Neuchâtel and extends into parts of Fribourg, Valais and Bern. It represents an area where 2 million people live and either speak French exclusively or are bilingual/multilingual including French as one of their languages used. This is where were live and this is where I will be focusing my dining experiences on. I will do my best to keep you up to date and informed of the foodie scene in Suisse Romande so keep a look out for these posts at least once a month on Thursdays.


As for what kinds of food I will be focusing on, all I can say is being new to this country I want to sample as much as possible. I am not a vegetarian or vegan but I’m very friendly to the veggie way of life and i will do my best to keep an eye out for places that would suit your needs.

Our first dining experience as a couple was at this great place called Osteria Balsamico in Lausanne. I vowed not to work that night as we were celebrating our move and finally settling into Swiss life. Some nights the camera has to stay home and the brain has to shut down. What I CAN say about Osteria is that it was so good I have not stopped thinking about when we can go back. The location was nothing to write home about but it did not matter once you were inside, being cared for by the staff and dining on their amazing Italian fusion menu. For my main dish I had a risotto made with mascarpone cheese and blood oranges. Paired with the Brunello di Montalcino that Mr H ordered put me in sheer heaven. If that was my introduction to dining in Suisse Romande, I cannot wait to see where we go from here!!!

The playful menu with Italian stars featured inside.
The playful menu with Italian stars featured inside.
Hello gorgeous.  Brunello di Montalcino.
Hello gorgeous.
Brunello di Montalcino.

So kids, I may just be getting started here in Switzerland but stay tuned for more foodie news!!

Photos: Fotolia, Jennifer Hart

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