Where have I been…?!

The first recipe for happiness is: avoid too lengthy meditation on the past.

-Andre Maurois

Apologies my few and far between readers. It has been a lifetime and a half since I last took some time to write here. It was not on purpose. It was not out of avoidance. It was, quite simply, because I was enjoying my life. Moving here has brought me a sense of peace I didn’t know I was missing. Well, maybe that isn’t entirely true. I knew it, I just wouldn’t dive into dealing with it. I lean towards ‘make the most out of a bad situation’ type of personality but I know the limits of that. I know it stops me from really opening Pandora’s box somedays. I know it helps me put up a wall when I should be asking for help. It is my strength and weakness all wrapped up into one curly-haired mess. It is me.

But here I am, a few months into the Swiss Experience and I am in love. Big love. Like that kind where ‘you can’t stop smiling and want nothing more than to spend more time with it’ love. This is NOT to say Switzerland is perfect. Far from it. But right now, it is perfect for me. It’s perfect for rediscovering my mojo. It is perfect for my family. It has become my home faster than any other place I have lived. I think that deserves the credit it is due. Home was instant for us here, it wasn’t forced.

Thumbs up from Plage Préverenges.
Thumbs up from Plage Préveranges.

So where do we go from here? I have a bunch of stuff lined up for the coming months. I not only plan to talk about myself (because, hello, this is a blog!) but I also have trips planned to discuss and review. It’s my pleasure to do the dirty work of finding places here for others to enjoy 😉

Take care, my readers. I know I abandoned you for a while. I needed to abandon myself for a while, figure out how I was doing and then get on with it. I am there now. In a big, bad way! Those who know me as Hartless, never fear. I haven’t gone soft on you just yet…!

Big hugs and kisses from Fondueland.

Photo credits: Jennifer Hart

2 thoughts on “Where have I been…?!”

  1. I thoroughly enjoy your writing style. You are reflective and introspective while conveying a hint of interesting things ahead that draws your reader into your storey.


  2. I’ve missed your blogs. I’ve missed you too. I am so very happy for you knowing you are so settled in your new homeland. You have always shown the upbeat, happy you, I’m sure there have been plenty of days where you wasn’t so, but I am certain there will not be many there in fondueland. Love you xxxx


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