Greetings from Switzerland!

Hello whirlwind!!

We are back in the land of cheese, chocolate, watches and cow bells to finish off some administrative work. Our appointment at the local commune (government office) for our Permis B (work and resident visas) went exceptionally well.  In fact, after a decade of French bureaucracy, I almost cried when the guy said, “Everything looks great, you can come back in July and pick up your permits.” Was that it?!? Weeks of nerves for efficiency and service?!? I almost kissed him!

We we have banking and schooling left to sort out but in the meantime, I leave you with some photos of our wanderings! Enjoy!

Centre ville – Morges
Au XXième Siècle – famous fondue restaurant in Morges
Mmmmmm pizza di bufala – La Rive
Alleyway in Morges
Canal linking la rivière Morges to Lac Léman
Picking up after your dog gets you a BRAVO here! What a switch from Paris. We have seen countless dogs and no poop patches!! Yes!
The juniors.
Woohoo!!! Came across a women’s soccer team training!!!

Photos: Jennifer Hart

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