We have a house! Now I have more to do…!

So, it has been a few weeks since I blogged and that is mostly because I was off doing something crazy – HAVING FUN!! I took the junior Harts to see their grandparents in Clearwater, Florida for 2 weeks and it was great! Unfortunately their papa was unable to join us but we did FaceTime daily and he managed to secure us a HOUSE while we were away. Oh yes, boys and girls, the Harts are moving into a 3-storey house in the town of Morges this July. What what??? A house??? I can’t say I ever saw the day that we would have a lawn to cut and a staircase INSIDE our place after 10 years in apartments but that day is approaching…fast!

Finding a place to live is a HUGE stress relief (can’t imagine why!?) and yet it has also set in motion a train I like to call “stuff I have to do yesterday”. Things like: registering the kids for school (both French public school and the Wednesday English programme I’m hoping like heck still has space!), once I know their school(s) I must then register them for school lunch service, swimming lessons,  soccer/football, ballet, opening a bank account, finding a TV/Mobile/Home Phone/Internet provider in our area and so on. Oh and if you wondered, we haven’t sold our house yet. No stress. No stress. Yet, even as I work on this list (you should see my sub list of phone calls I’m starting to make tomorrow!), the list seems to keep growing!! Why isn’t it shrinking?? It will eventually shrink, right?!?!

Oh the joys of moving! It IS the right decision and I have to remind myself of this sometimes when the stress piles up. Mr H is loving his job even though we haven’t spent more than one night together in the same home in more than time than I care to focus on. Even as I type this he is off on a flight to South Africa.  Bunny chow and chakalaka have tempted him away…!

When we finally have decent photos of the new house (no offence, my love) I will post them. For now, I will share with you a closer look on the view from the master bedroom and a reminder of why we are doing this: Mont Blanc

Photo credit: Savoie Mont Blanc

2 thoughts on “We have a house! Now I have more to do…!”

  1. Your mountain picture caught my eye – I lived in Switzerland for a little while and the view from my office was Mont Blanc . I miss seeing the elevations. I live in Sai Gon, Viet Nam at the moment and it is all pretty flat.

    Switzerland is a great place to live; the rumours are true – things just work there. If the tram is due to arrive at 4:08am then you can be guaranteed that it will be there.

    The reason everything runs so smoothly is down to all the rules, which can be pretty stifling, but it keeps everything in order.

    I hope you and your little family enjoy it. Good luck in your new home!


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